Guatemalan Palencia Finca El Tambor – whole roasted bean 14oz


El Tambor is located in Palencia, Guatemala. The coffee plantation begins at 5000 to 6300 feet over sea level (very high altitude). Winner of multiple cup of excellence’s in Guatemala.  The farm was funded in 1930 as a cattle ranch; later in 1966 was planted with coffee. This is first generation of our family producing coffee in Palencia, but the fourth producing in other regions. In 1930 the Franco family bought small farms and formed El Tambor.  At this moment the coffee farm belongs to the Calderon family and is administrated by the Calderon Solano family.

Tasting Notes

A great cup of Guatemalan, a bit mellower acidity than the Huehues, a nice soft wild fruit tone balancing with a smooth and rich chocolaty undertone. Wonderful aromatics and medium bodied – very clean and diverse flavor set. A great and different addition to our premium Guatemalan line of farms.



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